Pigeon Photos

This page is partly to consolidate the photos of the pigeons that have been nesting on my balcony,
and partly to relieve those who rather dislike these birds from having to view the photos when theyview my main blog page...

June 6th -- Mama has found and settled the nest.

June 11th -- I notice the eggs for the first time.

June 20th -- The first chick hatches, to be closely followed by the other.
Note the cracking on the second shell.

June 22nd -- Both chicks out now.

June 22nd -- Mama bird keeping them warm

June 25th -- Still babies with peachfuzz

June 28th -- Getting their pin feathers in

July 2nd -- Getting more fully feathered now.
Mama and Papa bird still feed them regularly, but no longer roost.
Presumably, they are staying at a new nest with a new brood.

July 6th -- Getting filled in. Should just be a week or so before they start to try to fly.

July 10th -- Little of the baby down remains, and the adult feathers are almost all in.
A few days ago, they left the nest and are now choosing their own resting places on the balcony.
In a few weeks, they'll be trying to fly up to the ledge, I suppose.

July 16th -- One has almost lost the baby fuzz, and the other is close behind.
I don't see the parents coming in as much nowadays, but they must be coming in and feeding;
the squabs look healthy, almost full-grown now. You can't see it in these photos, but they've almost got their
iridescent colors (purple and green) in on their neck feathers. Note the patch of white atop the head of the
less-developed one.

July 18th -- Still filling out; the larger one, with the bigger neck feather fluffing, is a male, I think.
Its colors are starting to stand out more on the neck, too. They've both left the protective cover
of the metal shelf stand the nest was made in, and they now prefer to sleep perched atop a small
cardboard box I left out for them.