May 23, 2006

Their True Nature

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Okay, here's where they go way, way too far.

In preface: President Bush has broken the law. And not just any stupid little law, one that directly impacts the fundamental rights of Americans. He acted in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which in his his primary oath of office he swore to uphold, protect, and defend. Bush deliberately lied to the American people about intelligence reports in order to engage us in a war that Americans would not have entered into knowing the truth that Bush knew, sending us into a war that has killed two and a half thousand of our troops, tens of thousands of innocent foreign civilians, and alienated a previously sympathetic world from our country. He has blamed, abused, and distorted the intelligence-gathering institutions to the point where they are no longer functioning to protect the country and its people, but rather to support his own political agenda. His administration has blown the cover of a CIA agent engaged in discovering Iran's WMD production, over a matter of political retribution directly linked to the president's lies about the Iraq War.

These are the most significant but not by any means the entire list of charges that stand against Bush, and all of the above are absolutely, undeniably, and verifiably true. In any other administration, the president long ago would have been up on impeachment charges; Bush has escaped these by using the deaths of Americans and the fear of terrorism to claim that he is violating the highest laws of our country, stripping Americans of their rights, and destroying the intelligence infrastructure of our nation so that he may "protect" us.

And in this climate of fear and with the specter of being smeared in the midst of an election cycle, the Democrats are meekly pushing only to censure Bush, and only if they can win enough elections in November.

How does the right wing respond? Here's where they go outrageously too far:

They defend the actions of the lying, dangerous, and illegal president by attacking one of the most noble, hardworking, and effective ex-presidents in American history. They are calling to censure Jimmy Carter, because his diplomatic efforts have led him to meet with unsavory world leaders in the name of peace; since pictures of Carter with Arafat and Castro allow them to smear an honorable man in the name of defending the most vile and cowardly of political slime. The commercial (wmv file) they are running unbelievably claims that Bush is "wisely" wiretapping "terrorists," when it is millions of Americans they are listening in on, and then they lay vicious and untrue charges against Carter.

I am sorry, but this has got me majorly pissed off. This is beyond slime. This is beyond reprehensible.

In the past, I have kept relatively quiet about our need to impeach Bush, in light of how unlikely it is to happen, despite how necessary and justified an impeachment is. But now, I want nothing more than to shout it from the rooftops.

These people are not patriots, they are criminals by contribution and traitors to our country. Not for their political standing, but because they so vilely and dishonestly support and defend a president who is a criminal and who is working to destroy what America has always stood for and has always been, and because they do so by maliciously impugning the reputation of one of the most honest and patriotic men this country has had the honor to call one of our own.

This is what being in approval of Bush means. This crystallizes what Bush stands for, and why decent and truly patriotic Americans should not stand for this any longer.

Impeach. Bush. Now.

Posted by Luis at May 23, 2006 07:06 AM

I suggest that you take a look at these two sites, if you want to get an idea of what's really going on.


please listen to the broadcast from Air America on Faith Matters carefully.

Then please read this little book report from Bill Mon from about a year ago.

There's an uncomfortable truth there for you:
1 - Neocon's espire to control society through religion.

2 - They also need the religious right as their foot soldiers and the street thugs of their movement

3 - The Neocon core includes Pete Coors of the Coors Beer Company in Golden Colorado, The Koch Family of Wichita Kansas, and Howard Ahmanson are just a few of the well healed who bankroll the infiltration of mainline religious institutions and pervert them to the right.

4 - Recall that the Christian Fundementalist had taken over the Air Force Academy. Now Imagine what would happen if they took over all three military academies and retain control for 10 years - the Bulk of the Officer corp would be fundies. Now imagine them forcing their religio-social model right down our throats.

5 - They aren't acting according to law, because they don't respect it, and they don't expect to yeald to it. This is the most grave a serious of threats to our republic.

6 - If you don't believe that a religious based cultural revolution can't be enforced from above I suggest you read Shadow Play - which illustrates how Elizabethan England was able to force alien Protestantism on an Indigenous and highly content Catholic England during the reformation. Time, constant pressure and cravenousnes. These people know what they are doing, they have time, money and patience and they are playing for keeps. The freedom of conscience is at stake, but then, so is so much else.

This is just patent evil by people who don't recognize good, evil or god, all done in the name of God, and good, and against evil.

These people are thoroughly undemocratic and they have no shame at using names, institutions, and even religions against themselves and self interest in a perverted manner. This part is a conspiracy.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 23, 2006 03:35 PM

While I don't disagree with the thesis you forward, it is a little off-topic. I am now just so pissed off that these slimeballs would stoop so low as to try to refocus the need to investigate a president from Bush to Carter. Whether or not religious neocons are involved is, to me, a side matter. This issues from the heart of conservatism, and these scum have no shame--nor any respect for truth, honesty, or the Constitution--in other words, they have no respect, zero, for the United States of America. All they respect is their own twisted view of the totalitarian theocracy they want the United States to become.

Posted by: Luis at May 23, 2006 04:15 PM

Well, as I see it each is at the other end of the same phenomina. You are talking about tactics taking place out in the streets: the censure of Jimmy Carter and the protection of the inept, immoral and incompetant Bush.

I guess is my point is more strategic. They are acting out of their strategic strength to cover for their tactical failure. The tactics have to be appossed, but then so does the strategic innitiative.

Its become obvious to me, that popularity polls is not enough to end this movement. They could put an idiot, and did if only to prove a point, at the front of their movement and still win. There core has to be compromised and undermined. And this could lead to civil war in the United States. In essence it is already a civil war and is being fought as you discribe in the media, but also in the churches and what's at stake is freedom of conscience. No bombs have been thrown yet - but at somepoint the overthrow of democracy is not going to be acceptable to everyone.

This latest idiocy on their part, censuring Carter, is part of a pattern and that pattern has to be stopped and reversed. Its hard to believe all this is going on. There was very little wrong with the United States in the 1990s for them to simply junk it in the noughties of the new millenium.

Posted by: Tim Kane at May 24, 2006 12:15 AM