March 10, 2006

Pretty Much Every Time

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So I turned on CNN today, wondering if it might have any content worth watching. Maybe starting again with Wolf Blitzer was a mistake. I watched the first several minutes of "The Situation Room." This supposedly "liberal" network in the "liberal" media has a funny way of showing it. In the short time I watched, Blitzer referenced the Democrats twice--and both times he represented them as opportunists, while his reference to Congressional Republicans was respectful and positive.

Blitzer spoke of Congressional Republicans as standing up to Bush on the Dubai ports deal, and only laterally mentioned the election year. But when he spoke of Democrats, Blitzer acted like they were just posturing, and directly stated that they were "trying to take credit" for the failure of the ports deal, as if they deserved none.

Then Blitzer promoed a segment with Hillary Clinton teaming up with Trent Lott to deliver a message. While he said nothing of Lott, he characterized Clinton as doing this to position herself politically--again, making clear the inference that if it's a Democrat doing something, the motives are purely to gain political advantage.

Darn that liberal media. Will they ever stop?

UPDATE: Here's the transcript of that show. Here's what Blitzer said on Clinton and Lott:

Plus, Democrat Hillary Clinton, a liberal, and Republican Trent Lott, a conservative -- unlikely allies teaming up for a cause. We're going to tell you what they want and why Senator Clinton is positioning herself -- at least trying to position herself -- as a centrist, new Democrat again.
See? If you read down the transcript, you'll see that the "Clinton is positioning herself for a run for president" aspect to the story is only tangential--Blitzer only refers to it quickly before they go to the actual story, which is what Clinton and Lott wanted to talk about. But Blitzer kept selling the "Clinton is being political" angle as if it were the main focus of the story.

UPDATE #2: Via TPM, yet another example of the "left-leaning" CNN using language outrageously tilted to the right; see the graphic below:

Picture 2

I'm not including a link because this page, as is, will be gone in a matter of hours. But get a load of the headline: "Dems Indicted"? The word "indicted" refers to criminal charges being filed. To use it in the context of a Republican political smear being made is outrageous. This is a perfect example of what I've commented on many times before--headlines and other references on CNN and other news outlets commonly refer to actions made by Democrats as being politically motivated, while similar or even more outrageously political actions by Republicans are commonly reported in a far more favorable fashion. Had this been Howard Dean attacking Frist and Lott, the headline would have been something more like "Dems Make Attack on Republicans; Striving for Political Advantage." But since it's a Republican attacking Dems, the headline is preposterously favorable and cooperative to the GOP attack, making it sound like the Democrats are guilty of a crime--which is exactly what Mehlman was shooting for. Even though the subtitle to the headline above is somewhat less deceptive, it is still heavily slanted towards the GOP message.

Not to mention the rather strong attention being paid to what is, after all, just an early campaign publicity stunt. When was the last time any major media outlet put, as its banner headline, anything along the lines of: "McCain, Frist Indicted: Democrats charge that likely Republican candidates for president are unfit and incompetent." Can't recall? Hell, CNN didn't give Howard Dean this kind of favorable spin when Dean was taking about actual criminal indictments of Republicans. I rest my case.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: liberal media, my ass. The media bias is clearly to the right.

Posted by Luis at March 10, 2006 09:37 AM