September 08, 2005

More on Bush/GOP and Katrina

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It really is hard to find accurate language to describe how despicable Bush and the GOP are acting in the Katrina aftermath. Awful, horrendous, heinous, vile, abhorrent, abominable, detestable, sickening, atrocious--you try to apply these words and yet they feel insufficient to describe the true degree of disgust you feel at what they're doing.

More reports from disgusted firefighters asked to do PR work for FEMA instead of saving lives. These two guys were so nauseated by the setup that they left and went home. They're still packed and ready to go do real work, though--but they'll have a long wait. Apparently Bush doesn't want anyone he can't gag to go into the area.

FEMA throwing a media blackout on New Orleans--now that Bush has been photographed with fake rescue efforts and firefighters not allowed to do any real work, it's time to turn off those cameras. After all, we don't want the American people to see what hell on Earth the Bush administration allowed to fester, or the bodies of the people they let die.

More and more comes out about how FEMA was gutted and staffed with political cronies of Bush. Current FEMA head Brown ("Brownie") got recommended for the job by his college roommate, a Bush campaign flack. War and Piece reports how people in charge at FEMA are former Bush "war room" staffers and campaign spokesmen now running political interference and damage control for the administration. Which, after all, has been the Bush administration's first and last worry: not to save people threatened by Katrina and the aftermath, but to save their own sorry political asses. And they're even eating their own: having run out of Democrats to smear and blame, they're going after Brown themselves--so long as Bush can get out of it blameless or at least looking not so bad.

Meanwhile, Republicans are scared spitless about the possibility of a balanced, independent investigation into the Katrina affair: they demand that Republicans run the show.

And the Rove PR machine is now in full gear. Impostors like this guy are getting full media play on many different shows and networks, spreading lies and blaming Democrats, including good ol' Republican standards like Newt Gingrich. The White House is leading that full-out campaign to smear blame all over Louisiana Democrats, while Scott McClellan chides reporters for even suggesting Bush might be responsible, saying: "there are some that are interested in playing the blame game. The President is interested in solving problems and getting help to the people who need it." More pure BS one cannot find. Aside from photo ops for Bush and preventing help from getting to those who need it most, blaming others is about all they've been doing. Standard Rovian tactics.

On the more just side of things, Bush's numbers seem to be slipping. After the ABC News poll found that 46% approved of Bush's handling of the Katrina crisis, two more polls have come out. CBS reports the number is now down to 38% (they had him at 54% a week ago), and Zogby has him down to 36%.

But it's a bitter, small, and pointless justice, with most of the damage done; with the media bowing before Rove and the Republicans controlling the investigation, the people responsible for what happened will never face the light of responsibility. Bush & Co. will again paint over their lies and incompetence, blame Democrats and underlings, award themselves medals and call themselves heroes. And in the end, that 46% and probably then some will wind up believing them.

Some are saying that Americans deserve what they're getting, reaping what they sowed, for putting Bush into office and keeping him there. But something tells me that the people who suffered and died weren't the ones who voted for Bush in the first place, and that those who did still just don't get it.

Posted by Luis at September 8, 2005 11:25 PM

Nice site & commentary, you elitist, liberal leftie ;-)

Have a look at this one story:

If the top guy is a cowboy, all the others will be too.

Posted by: Dirk at September 9, 2005 01:15 PM


Posted by: Anonymous at September 9, 2005 01:18 PM

i meant AMEN to your column ... in case it wasn't clear.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 9, 2005 01:20 PM